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The CBD market in the United States is expected to reach [pause for dramatic effect] $22 billion by 2022. Yeah, you read that right. It could very well outpace cannabis sales. Its myriad applications and non-psychoactive nature make CBD slightly more socially palatable than it’s infinitely more exciting cousin, and Curaleaf Hemp is in at the ground level. We built the brand’s ecommerce site based on the mood states that underpin the flavor and scent profiles of their products. Next, we launched targeted ads in conjunction with an aggressive off-site SEO strategy to build awareness and drive traffic. Finally, by developing a customized, robust analytics stack, the folks over at Curaleaf Hemp are able to report, analyze, and optimize using real-time data points.

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Natural, non-intoxicating products for a better quality of life. That’s the promise of Curaleaf Hemp, the most effective hemp-based CBD products on the market. All Curaleaf Hemp products, from tinctures and vaporizer cartridges to patches and softgel capsules, are made with the highest quality ingredients – from the full spectrum CBD oil to the premium essential oils. All products are derived from hemp, farmed wholly in the United States, and can be purchased in stores across the country (and online).


Natural, non-intoxicating CBD products for every moodstate