Curaleaf’s vast network of dispensaries and array of cannabis products affords them brand equity for days. As such, their digital needs were twofold: build a network of state-specific sites that accounted for the intricacies of variant legal situations and create a central property for the purpose of attracting and informing potential investors. After launching a dozen custom-build properties over the course of a month, we built a robust analytics and reporting suite to enable, among other things, account-based marketing efforts targeted at the aforementioned investors. Additionally, our relationship has grown to encompass 24/7 tech support and media buys that span digital, print, and OOH placements.

Web Development

Account-Based Marketing

Media & OOH

IT Services

Engaging Investors and customers alike


curaleaf operates 34 stores in 11 states


Nationwide nuance

Curaleaf operates in 11 states (and counting) each of which has its own regulations around medial and recreational cannabis. After developing an understanding of what’s kosher and where, we developed custom websites for each state. In medical-only states, after conducting meticulous legal researchm we created patient resources and online shopping carts (where possible). For recreational states, we tried to cultivate a look and feel that would resonate with Curaleaf’s target demographic. Check out the Arizona site below!


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