Cannabis Brands:

Reach, Acquire, & Retain Customers NOW.


Advertising your cannabis or CBD brand is hard.

Every major social network, search engine, and programmatic platform refuses the category entirely.

Most cannabis-specific ad networks give you a place to spend some of your marketing budget, sure, but they offer little in terms of audience curation, analysis, and oversight.

OOH ads are great, but there are only so many billboards you can buy.

How, then, are you supposed to get in front of the right people?

Well, this website’s not a bad place to start…


Toasted Collective is the only premium, compliant cannabis advertising marketplace in the world.

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Reach more than 250 million unique Users Every Month

Your cross-device, cross-network media plan is built to ensure engaging, compliant ad creative reaches your target audience across hundreds of national and local media properties (from your city’s newspaper to USA Today, Cosmopolitan to Men’s Health).

We combine your chosen geolocations with first and third-party data to build completely custom audiences that re-engage existing customers and introduce your brand to new ones.

After rigorous oversight to ensure compliance with state regulations and our partners’ creative standards, your campaign is launched.

Our team monitors progress against mutually-established KPIs using real-time reporting dashboards to guide analysis and optimization.


By The Numbers

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From Consumer Packaged Goods to Publicly Traded Companies,

We Can Help.


Multi-State Operators

National, vertically-integrated cannabis businesses present unique challenges when it comes to advertising. The combination of state-specific restrictions and big budgets add an extra layer of red tape to the media landscape. Our team understands what it takes to safely promote your products and dispensaries at scale.



Whether you sell top-shelf pre-rolls or the tastiest edibles in town, your brand needs to be recognizable if you want it to resonate. By combining hyper-targeted audiences with premium inventory, we’ll get your creative in front of your desired consumers while they’re engaging with content you’d be proud to associate with.


Local Dispensaries

Raising awareness and driving foot traffic without wasting your budget advertising to people on the other side of the state is essential at the dispensary level. Our massive inventory gives us the ability to provide you with enough monthly impressions to positively impact your business, whether you operate in downtown LA or coastal Maine.


Are you an agency with clients in the cannabis industry?

Contact our business development team to learn about our partnership program.

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